What Is SEO And How It Works?

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What is Search Engine Optimization(SEO)?

SEO is a process used to rank a website in the major search engines for specific keywords. Currently there are 3 major search engines. they are Google, Yahoo, Bing. Among these google was most popular and above 96% of people use these search engine to search their information

Categories of SEO Process

Goole divides the SEO process into three major parts. They are

  1. Website Research
  2. On-page Optimization
  3. Off-Page Optimization

What Does SEO DO?

 SEO is one of the most effect thing, you can do for your website. Using SEO will make your website search engine friendly and gearup your website traffic. SEO is not an easy task but doing On-Page optimization and Off-Page optimization will help you to get natural search engine ranking.

Why Does A Website Need To Perform SEO?

  •  If you assure that your website is ranking in a top ten position in search engine results. Then SEO is not necessary for your Website.
  •  If your website is only for your organization and dont want other vistors to visit your website.. then there is no need for SEO
  •  If you are satisfied With your  Website ranking , then there is no need for SEO help

Why Should Web Developers Do A SEO Friendly Site?

Google Uses Eletronic Spider to find the links in their Search Engines. So Optimizing a Website using genuine method is a difficult task. but every enterpreneur must know how to place their website ranking in top ten position.

So the web developers should make sure to appear your website in the search results before making an arrangement.SEO technique will confirm that you are in right path of web presence

 I hope this article will help for you to understand what is seo and how it works? If you any questions about this article. Feel free to ask in comments

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