How To Get BackLinks For Entertainment Related WebSite


How To Get BackLinks For Entertainment Related WebSite

Link building is one of the Top SEO That Drives Traffic For Your WebSite.You can get direct traffics to your websites by creating backlinks and also to improve the traffic from search engines.MAny websites use different ways to build their backlinks effectively. Let us see how to build good and essential backlinks for Entertainment related websites or blogs

Steps To Create Backlinks:

1. Fanpop is good and popular entertainment website that helps your blog to improve the SEO.Popular links in fanpop can drive 10 visits to your Website. The Fanpop contains several categories like sports, television, movies, actors, cartoons and websites


Internet Movie Database(IMDB) is top website for search information about movies, animes, actors, tv shows, video games etc., this IMDB is agreat place to submit links for sites related to Gossips, entertainment. A good and quality link will get s5 visits a day. it also helps with your SEO

3. Mahalo

Mahalo is an powerful entertainment search engine which covers a lot of entertainment related topics. this search engine does not allow  a link "juice" in terms of rel=follow tag. Depending upon your article that your links will appears in search engines and get fair amount of traffic to your website.

4. Chickipedia

Chickipedia  is a website dedicate to women.This websites offers the visitors for images and celebrity news. it can provide up to 50 visits perday if your articles is closely related to chickipedia topic.The site does not pass along any link "juice" as links are rel=nofollow.

5. Fan History

FanHistory is also like chickipedia but it allows all genders. the main aim of the fanhistory is follow all the links that your submitting in it. it provides upto 25visits from a single link on a popular page

6. AnimeNewsNetwork

AnimeNewsNetwork is dedicated to manga and anime. it is good to submits links that are related to the anime or manga. if your site is not related to anime or manga then you should not submit your link because it will remove your links and your account will be banned from this site

7. Other High Page Rank Link Building Spots


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