How to Create Backlinks using Technorati

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Technorati is one of the leading social media website. It allows the genuine and quality content. Every professional bloggers would like to submit their blog url in technorati. So today we a going to discuss about “How to promote Technorati authority”. Now some question will rise inside of your mind like “what is the use of technorati authority” and “why should I promote the technorati authority”. Answer for these entire questions are link building and get targeted traffic to our website. Let us see how to promote technorati authority.

 Steps to Follow:

 1.      Find blogs on Technorati related to your website's niche. From the, You can see several topics in its homepage at the top of the page. For example if you are is related to technology then click the "Technology" menu. On the next page, you can select a several category such as "Gadgets, Android, Cloud computing, IT" using the drop-down menu at the technology tab.

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2.      After Entering into the specific category, you can see several websites listed in order to the technorati authority (it means the website has higher position in technorati). You can view the entire blogs list by clicking the "View All (category name) blogs" related to the selected category ranked in order of their Technorati authority.

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3. Now visit each and every blogs on the list. On each blog, Find a post that contains many comments and view the source code for the page. For example, in Mozilla Firefox, right-click on the page and select the "View Page Source”. Now it displays the blog's source code in a new window.

4. Copy one of the comments from blog and paste it inside of the find option in the status bar after pressing “Ctrl + F”, now it highlights the same words that you have already inserted in the find option.

search comment

Now search for a "nofollow" tag. A link that contains nofollow tag will looks like the following:
<a href="" rel="nofollow">Website Name</a>

nofollow tag

A link with a nofollow tag does not helps to promote your Technorati authority. If you see this tag, check the next blog on the list. Because commenting in nofollow websites is waste of time

5. Leave comments on blogs that use the Dofollow tag in comment links. Make sure that your comments are leave added to the discussion, because a comment that comment that has no value and contribution will mark your website as spam and deleted by the blog owner. Each link to your blog contributes to its authority rating on Technorati and boost up your technorati authority

There many other tricks to boost the technorati authority. If you are using other than the above tips please share with us

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