Must Have Wordpress Plugins 2013

Wordpress SEO Plugins

Must Have Wordpress Plugins 2013

There are many paid or free wordpress plugins available in the internet. Here I will recommend some wordpress plugins. so it will helps you pick the wordpress plugins that suits for your website . Let us See Some useful Plugins

Yoast Wordpress Seo Plugin:

Yoast wordpress seo plugin is the best free wordpress plugin for allows you to add "meta robots" field. it helps to increase your seo percentage by analyzing the keywords that you are using in the title tags. it also allows you to add meta description for each and every articles. it is one of the highly recommended plugin for every wordpress bloggers.

Broken Link Checker Wordpress Plugin:

Broken Link Checker Plugin is used check deadlinks(404 link error) of your websites. you can find both the internal and external broken links using broken link checker plugin. 404 link errors happen when visitor try open the links that no more exists in particular website. these 404 links will reduce the website quality and it's highly recommended to remove such links. The broken link checker will helps you to Remove the 404 links by listing the broken links of your website. you can also check here fix the 404 link

Robot Meta Wordpress Plugin:

If You are expert in optimizing the "robot.txt" file for SEO or SERP. you can avoid the robot meta wordpress plugin because this plugin helps only to add No-Index and No-Follow tags.

Keyword Density Checker Wordpress plugin:

It is important to add atleast 2 or more keywords in a single article. the keyword density checker plugin will helps you to find which keywords you are used in articles and how many times you have repeated that keyword. it also helps you to optimize your article in the search engine.

SEO Friendly Images:

If you are using an Image Website. then I will suggest you to use this plugin. It helps to optimize your websites in image search engine. this plugin will add "ALT" attributes into your images. for example if you are uploading an image named "img001.png". It will suggest you to change image names.

There are many other plugins like Google XML Sitemap, EasywpSEO plugin , SeoPressor plugin which are good enough to increase your wordpress SEO.

Please Share Me other wordpress Plugins That you are using in your website

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