How To Change Your Wordpress Password

Wordpress password

How To Change My Wordpress Password? this Question Was Repeatedly Asked or Search By New Bloggers Because they really don't how to do it. This is an essential things for New Bloggers. In this article, I will Show you a step by step guide on how to Change your Wordpress admin password

Steps To Change Your Wordpress Password:

First Login to your Wordpress Website.For this You have to type in the browser address and press Enter.

Now it will redirect you to Dashboard, after that go to users >> your Profile.

Wordpress User

Now scroll your mouse to end of the page. there you can see New Password Option. Type Your New Password twice. Be sure That Your password must strong. you can check this by "Strength Indicator" that appears below the New Password Option. If your password is strong the strength indicator will show you the green light or else red Light.

After typing your new password in the new password option, click the "update profile" button to save your password. That's it, You have changed your wordpress password

I Hope this article will be helpful for you to change your wordpress password. if you have any question about wordpress password change. Feel free to ask in the comments

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