How to Stop Spam Registrations on WordPress Blog

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Preventing the spam comment is the biggest issue for many wordpress bloggers. Even though you Google it. It is difficult find any information about to solve spam registration problems in WordPress. Many websites with free membership options are having a huge problem with these spam registration. Here are some of the tips to stop spam registrations on your WordPress site.
Step By Step Installation Guide:

Download and install the Stop Spammer Registrations plug-in. After the installation activate the Stop Spammer Registrations plug-in. Now go to Settings and select the "Stop Spammers" option. It displays the plugin’s configuration page. 

 Plugin Options

Stop Spammer Registrations WordPress plug-in is used to monitor your website for spam registrations. Select the "Test IP" button to verify that your IP address is clean.  Now you can save your settings.  After that process, review the settings that are shown in below.

Spam Registration Settings

The plug-in uses Stop Forum Spam’s database to check IP addresses of users on your site. It is a huge database which collects data from the users who are entering into your website. This helps to catch a spamming IP or email address. Stop Spammer Registrations also uses different kind of API’s Like Honeypot API, Botscout API, and WordPress API.Whether you are using Akismet API or not. but you must use the wordpress API. WordPress API key is the same key that you are using with Akismet.

Wordpress API Keys

If the plug-in is being insistent to your users, then you can specify the events selectively by checking it. Now it prevents the users from the suspicious activity:

Stop Spam Registrations wordpress plugin events


Major problem of the Stop Spammer Registrations plugin is that, sometimes it would locks you from your own site. To Solve Problem, you can login to website using FTP account and rename the plugin file name from

stop-spammer-registrations.php to stop-spammer-registrations.locked.

Now you can login to your website account and access your admin page and uninstall the Stop Spammer Registrations plugins that’s it.

WordPress is a great hosting that helps to improve our blogging carrier; So We must keep the wordpress away from the spammers who tries to stop you from building your sites

There are many others tools available to protect the wordpress from spam registration. So please share what tools you are using to prevent the spam registration on your site?

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