SEO Tips to Recover from Google panda update

SEO Tips to Recover from Google panda update

SEO Tips to Recover from Google panda update

we all know that Google panda's are affecting the websites ranking and here we discuss about how to recover from Google panda using search engine optimization

What is Google panda

         Google panda is  nothing but an alternate to Google's search results ranking algorithm. the main aim of the Google panda was to lower the rank of "low quality sites"(which means not posting the unique content and copy pasting an article from other websites) and making "higher quality sites" content to show in the top of the search results

How to find whether Google panda algorithm affected your website?

 If your website is affected by Google panda algorithm, then it will face significant drop in traffic or increase in traffic. to confirm this affection go to your analytic page and check your website traffic drop or increase date with panda's update date. if the dates are same or panda update's 3 or 4 days before your website traffic change then your site was affected by Google panda

so if you are seeing increase in traffic, its time to attend your friends party and spend time with them.if you are one of those who are affected by panda then i advice you to work hard to recover your website from Google panda effect.

what kind of site will be affected by Google panda?

low quality websites(thin content)

websites which works as content farm

websites with useless pages indexed in Google

website without basic or proper seo structure

websites containing too many advertisements

poor grammar

website loading time

using black hat seo

how to recover from Google panda effect?

Write Quality and unique content

  Once again i will not you by by repeating the something, but what I am trying say you is write a quality content with targeted keywords because a quality content without target keywords will become useless and sometimes it will not shown in Google search results

Remove Unnecessary pages from Google search

   Remove the pages which doesn't contains any information because Google assumes those pages as content farm
you can check these unnecessary posts by typing Site:Your-domain in

Remove the low quality content

 Low quality contents means the posts which are not written properly, very short,not targeting keyword because Google is taking quality content very seriously.
so you should write content with many words and keyword targeted title.this will help you in getting page rank and fast indexing

guidelines for low quality contents

it must be useful for readers

is it well researched

is content comes from a trust-able source

and also many other factors

how to find the low quality content

use google analytic ,  to find the low content posts (i.e) finding the posts that got less than 10 visits with in 2 months time. now analyze the content of post and update or delete or no-index it

Learn Seo

  To retrieve your website from Google panda you must surely the learn the seo.if you are not going to learn it. then surely nobody can save from Google panda affect

the basic things to learn in seo are

Keyword research

keyword optimization

how to build back-links

on site seo


social media promotion

Duplicate content

 duplicate content is an major distraction of traffic too many duplicate content will affect your search engine. if other blogger copy contents from your blog to their blog will also Google  penalize you. because Google algorithm is still mature in find-out difference between original and copied content. use URL canonicalization for your blog.

After finding out all of your low quality contents then report it Google by using online anti plagiarism tools

use seo friendly themes

use seo friendly because even if you are not good in seo, these seo friendly themes take care of it

social media promotion

try to promote your websites with social medias like Facebook,twitter,Digg,delicious etc., these may help you in traffic and search engine ranking.

Avoid external links

if you are selling paid links or getting paid reviews, you must stop doing it,because link to unwanted sites will significantly make difference in traffic and search engine ranking

put reconsideration request after seo change

after changing your seo content, then login to your webmaster tool and put reconsideration request for your blog. here is the link for reconsideration request


I hope this article will be helpful for you to recover from Google panda affect

so.please share your thoughts about this post


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