How To Use Easy WP SEO Plugin

 Easy Wp Seo Plugin

 How To Use Easy WP SEO Plugin

EasyWpSeo WordPress plugin is one of the best WordPress seo plugin. it comes with some good features like LSI keywords, readability, keyword and seo density, it helps to interlink for better optimization for your website
If you install easywpseo plugin and optimize your content as described in it. Google panda or penguin will not affect your site

Customize Easy Wp Seo Settings:

 first you have to purchase easywpseo plugin for $37. after purchasing it you get a license for plugin. now click link to download easywpseo plugin and install it in your site and go to easywpseo settings and enter your license to activate the plugin.

Easy Wp Seo Settings

Automatic decoration :

 if you don't know how to highlight keywords or to add nofollow for outbound links. i will suggest you to use automatic declaration


  • Automatic keyword bold 
  • Automatic keyword italic
  • Automatic keyword underline
  • Automatic add keyword to image alt
  • Automatic nofollow for outbound links
  • Open external links in new window

Miscellaneous Settings:

Enable all the options in miscellaneous settings because it helps to get high rank in Google search results.

How to Use EaseWpSEO plugin?

Let us see how to use easywpseo plugin to get high rank in search results

Learn Keyword Research:

First you must know about keyword will help to find the keyword to your content. before writing the content make sure that your post title contains your targeted keyword

For Good Keyword Research, I prefer Beginners guide for Google Ad words Keyword Research

Write Quality Content:

 You must have an idea about what you want to write and write that content naturally. use proper headings h2, h3, h4 tags in paragragraph. it will help to make you more readable.

after finish writing your content and add your keywords in easywpseo tab in post editor at the right column and click to save draft. now it will show you the seo and keyword density of your current post

seo density

Depending upon this you can write your quality content

LSI Keywords:

 Now click the display LSI keywords in LSI tabs. it will suggest some keywords which you should use in your post. this will help to make your content more seo friendly. it is an highly reommended feature


This readability  helps to determine the level of writing. OK Now Click the readability tab to check whether all the scores are in green. make sure that readability score must not be in red.


  That's it, now you know how to configure and use the easywpseo plugin.Don't forget it is one of the life saver plugins for many bloggers

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