Top 10 Wordpress plugins to acquire an ultimate marketing strategy

Top 10 Wordpress plugins can aid you to acquire an ultimate marketing strategy

Wordpress developers usually rely on the directory of their plugin. Usually, conventional programming starts from the scratch and this is the reason because of which each function needs a long as well as lines of code. This gives a slow rise of Wordpress as a Content Management System. Just assume, in case, you want to implement a very straightforward picture, so you need to start-up with 300 lines of code and if you need to upload 20 pictures, then you need to spend a few couple of hours.

Customize Wordpress for marketing:

The best choice will be, if you will go with choosing the 300 gallery plugins for Wordpress website. In order to get started just install, customize and upload. This will also the best way to explore your business by acquiring the best marketing platform:

 Royal Slider:

Royal Slider plugin

There might be dozens of slider plugins that are highly compatible with the Wordpress platform, but there are a very few which are as worth-full as Royal Slider. This plugin is highly customizable as well as touch-friendly. This is also clean-coded which will allow the user to implement the various slideshows. Thus, this will bequeath the best marketing platform.

Google Analyticator:

Google Analyticator wordpress plugin

Using this plugin, your website can easily acquire the required Javascript which is highly imperative for Google Analytics logging. This plugin will contain all those widgets that will allow you to reflect all the Analytics data within the admin.

Simple Ads:

Simple Ads wordpress plugin

If you are looking for an option that can offer advertising basics then this is the best option. This app will essentially allow you to insert all the ads at the top and bottom of your content. Your entire website will not bestow any option for removing them.

Live Chat:

Live Chat wordpress plugin

LiveChat is a very beautiful as well as responsive plugin that works very well for Wordpress website. You can implement this app on any king of Wordpress website in order to provide customer and sale support as there will be a plethora of customization options.

Pretty Link:

Pretty Link wordpress plugin

This is widely used for custom wordpress development and allows you to display the links in your desired look. Using this, you can easily develop a unique look and can use it for your own domain name. The plugin is designed such a way that you can also track the number of hits at each link.

Ad Widget:

Ad Widget wordpress plugin

This is a plugin which will allow the user to deploy various widgets with a variety of rules for displaying the ads.

php Bay Lite:

php Bay Lite wordpress plugin

If you have every used Ebay for your business promotion, then this is the plugin which will aid you to widen each aspect of targeted Ebay traffic.


Usquare wordpress plugin

This reflects a grid layout which can also be employed to display the content in a very fresh and exciting way. The best thing about this plugin is that it has an outstanding minimalistic chessboard layout.

MailChimp Integration:

MailChimp Integration wordpress plugin

Just integrate your MailChimp with Multisite or any other existing website, the app will automatically add the users to the email list and sync all the existing users.


Exec-PHP wordpress plugin

This plugin use shortcodes and executes all the reusable PHP code which is available on your page. The user can also organize, test as well as reuse all the PHP code along with the code of widgets and posts.
You can either download these plugins for marketing in order to expose your offered services or you can also hire wordpress developers for customizing the website using these plugins.

Author bio:

Mike is a blogger by mood and web designer by profession. He gives ideas to how to convert PSD to wordpress template and loves to share his thoughts on social media. You can log in to his web (Markupcloud Ltd ) for various other PSD to Magento site conversion services

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How to increase traffic through internal link building

Internal Link building

How to increase traffic through internal link building

What is internal linking?

Internal linking is a process of linking one page with other page in your website. The page will go to the same domain. The main purpose of internal link is for navigation but it also helps to get relevant traffic to your site. So let’s say we have a page in our website which is attracting more visitors so we can use internal linking. We can link our site most valuable and profitable pages from other pages so users can spend more time in our site. Most of us click link pages of website everyday by internal linking.

Why internal linking is important?

Internal linking allows you to surf your website in a friendly way so they can understand what you are trying to convey your user. When internal links are properly arranged your website visitors follow the path that you want to show. Optimization of website by internal linking helps a search engine to know about your important pages. All websites have one or two key pages but site owner do not realize the importance of optimizing that pages so that everyone can see their valuable pages. Search engines are very smart and can easily realize which page you are giving more importance.

Here are few points which shows why internal linking is important
1. Anchor text is more users friendly.
2. Pass link juice easily
3. Higher ranking in Google by fast crawling
4. It will increase the time your users spend in your site which in turn decreases your bounce rate.
5. High PageRank as you get quality backlink from that page.

Ways of internal linking

One of the most important ways is to use same keyword as anchor text and use internal linking throughout your webpages pointing that critical keyword. This will give you higher ranking in search engine optimization. I suggest try to get most important pages of your site which are giving more profit. You can promote these pages by giving internal link of your site from other webpages. For example your site has four important pages, but if the content written on first page is giving more profit then you can use rest three pages for taking backlink to that page. Search engine should know about relevant pages of your site which will increase site popularity. Search engine gives more importance to body of the article than internal navigation. So try to place your link that appears in body of article. Your SEO strategy part should always include external as well as internal linking so you can get your other pages contributing value towards important pages. Try to include keyword rich text to your main navigation because if your most important sale will come in top of your page it will increase the chances of increasing sales. Additional navigation for your valuable pages will give you link juice. One way is to give your important pages in sidebar for example YouTube has highest page views the reason is side bar.

Google give importance to authority that means the number and quality of backlink and accordingly it will show result. So if your link contains the keyword then Google assumes the content of that page is related to keyword. Try to include keyword in your URL of webpages. Creating text link is also a good way to incorporate internal links to your website. Try to list your most important pages in footer of your site. One of the most crucial ways of getting backlink is through blog article. You can go for guest post from that sites you can get a backlink to your site.

Author Bio:

Malvika Saurabh Tripathi is working as seo Analyst. She is passionate by .Net, PHP, WordPress, SEO and Blogging. She loves to write about seo related articles for the websites Follow via Author: Malvika Saurabh Tripathi on Google+

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how to find affordable seo services and seo company

SEO services

What is SEO and Why Companies Need it?

Search engine optimization is a process of increasing visibility of your site in organic search result. Do you know 75% of people never go on next page? That means if your website doesn’t appear in first page you missed that traffic. According to a current survey in internet marketing, companies which are gained rise in sales in 2013 are giving more importance to SEO for their business. SEO has become web marketing strategy which is gaining more attention.

Why to hire SEO firm?

Effective search engine optimization consumes more time. Hiring SEO firm can give you dedicated staff. These possess the enough experience to establish effective SEO. The demand of SEO services have been increasing in recent years. Optimizing your site expand your business in a way, it will increase your ranking in search result that can increase your traffic. If you get more traffic then chances of getting more sales will increase. It enhances your revenue by increasing your sale. Hiring a reputed firm in SEO allow you to focus on main function. You will entrust your site SEO part to armed professionals who have right knowledge, enough resource and latest tool that your company might not have. Experts understand canonicalization, bounce rate and many other important aspects of SEO. They know the way how search engine algorithms are indexing web pages for search result .It will help you in achieving most of your business. SEO is the effective way for generation of more sales and promoting your business.

How to hire SEO Company?

Do some research in market before striking for a final deal with a SEO company. Industry presence and good reputation plays a major role to check about SEO firm. You can even start with forum site and you can contact with site owner about strategies.  Make a list of firms providing SEO services then check the budget and their techniques. You can contact to those firms which are not charging more or which are within your budget. Cross out immediately to those firms have used black hat techniques and blacklisted. SEO firms are providing feedback and backlink report so try to choose those which provide regular report.

Reference can give you firm’s credibility. The relationship with your SEO firm is most important because you need to deal with regular basis. Some companies adopt black hat technique in order to show their clients fast result but this activity is a type of spamming which can increase your ranking in search engine for a short period. A thorough and good SEO service provides never adopt such activity because they maintain reputation and good will. They will employ only legal ways to increase visibility of your site in search engine.

A professional SEO service will give you quality backlink from high page rank site which automatically increase your web traffic. So ask the SEO firm how they are delivering results. They are doing SEO by marketing a website with keyword research and analysis, submission of press release, article and blogs and many more. These strategies not only attract buyers for your goods and services but it helps your website to market all around the world. They monitor your competitors and accordingly do their work. A good SEO service will try to increase productivity in minimum possible time.

You can check this for cheap and best seo services

For hiring SEO firm you need to consult with many companies but keep it as secret. Don’t enclose all details of one company in front of other company. Ask SEO firm, how they can help you figure out what you want in your business. Most of the companies present their strategy in the form of presentation in order to gain your confidence .but do the same with four to five firms then only you can decide which firms suits you best. You need to decide first what you are expecting for your business and accordingly choose the best firm. Your goal should be in your mind such as whether you want to increase your sale by 60% over the next 6 month or you want to increase popularity for your site.

Try to get other client result if the firm is ready to provide it shows their confidence. You can predict result by seeing their performance for their other clients. They do have creative people. Ask them to tell an incident in which they get appreciation and ask them how they did that. Try to get their failures, success, experience and their background. Ask them how they were founded and what their best experience yet.


Malvika Saurabh Tripathi is working as seo Analyst. She is passionate by .Net, PHP, WordPress, SEO and Blogging. She loves to write about seo related articles for the websites Follow via Author: Malvika Saurabh Tripathi on Google+

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6 Tentalizing Free WordPress Christmas Themes of 2013

6 Tentalizing Free WordPress Christmas Themes of 2013

With Christmas just around the corner, I’m sure many of you would be planning to decorate your website with one of the best WordPress Christmas themes. The robustness of WordPress has made it one of the most preferable web development platforms among developers, residing in different parts of the world. The sky-rocketing popularity of WordPress hasn’t been unnoticed by website owners, dealing in different businesses. WP developers keep on enriching the WordPress CMS sphere with updates and plugins that aid in extending the usability of the web development platform.

What’s the need to update your WordPress theme on a regular basis?

A majority of bloggers and webmasters have a tendency to equate “theme” with “design”. This is a wrong perception. Upgrading from an older WordPress version to a latest release doesn’t just refer to improving the visual features of a website but it also means adding a lot more functionalities to the existing site. With loads and loads of free-to-download WordPress themes available over the web, the task of upgrading to a latest WordPress version becomes easier. Modern WordPress themes are much more feature-rich as compared to the plain HTML and CSS files. Even though, it’s quite easy to upgrade your WordPress theme, every measure must be taken to ensure its proper maintenance and security.

Many possibilities with WordPress themes

Being a website owner, I’m quite satisfied with the features available with WordPress themes. Theses website themes have not only improved the overall appearance of my site but have even helped me update every bit of information that’s placed on the web pages. As an easy-to-use Content Management System, WordPress has helped me manage my website content in an effective and less time-consuming way.
I’m sure all you WordPress site owners reading this blog would definitely want to know about the latest WP themes that can be used for a blog or site. Well, with Christmas knocking our doors, I’d love to share some of the best WordPress Christmas themes that are free and can add that Christmas charm to your online appearance. So, without further adieu, let’s have a look at six of the best free Christmas WordPress themes:

Theme #1- Christmas Blog

Christmas Blog
If you own a WordPress-enabled Blogging site then the Christmas Blog theme is your best fit. The theme has a black and red combo where in you can see a girl wearing a red Santa outfit and widgets decorated in color blocks to set up a Christmas spirit. And, that’s not all, you also get myriad customizable options and a clear user interface to structure the theme as per your unique requirements.


Theme #2- Christmas WordPress Christmas Holiday

Christmas WordPress Christmas Holiday

This is yet another Christmas theme that’s perfect for alluring your visitors during this festive season. The theme is structured across a white background with lights, snow, colorfully packed gifts and a Santa towards the header. The basic idea of this theme is to reflect the joy and happiness that the festival brings with it.


Theme #3- Merry Christmas Theme

Merry Christmas Theme

I’m sure you’ll definitely fall in love with this WordPress Christmas Theme because it offers you the ultimate opportunity of showing your customers that you’re truly wishing them a Merry Christmas, full of happiness and prosperity. While the Christmas tree ornaments are made to fall on the header, the widgets and other plug-ins are decorated with bells and trees for giving that perfect Christmas celebration look and feel.


Theme #4- ChristmasPress

This WordPress free theme comes with a beautiful combination of sassy pink and purple. Vibrant background, loaded with cute cartoon characters makes this theme a perfect fit for websites targeting kids. Features such as widget ready sidebar, google webfonts, custom shortcodes, cute error 404 page and a built-in Christmas countdown widget make this theme a hottest favorite among website owners.


Theme #5- Christmas Story

Christmas Story theme
Get your visitors indulged in the Christmas mood by installing this free WordPress Christmas theme. The minimalistic loaded look accompanied with an extensive admin panel allows the webmaster to use the theme in other occasions as well with the need for making minute customizations. Extend the festive mood of your customers by using the Christmas Story WordPress Christmas Holiday theme.


Theme #6- Christmas Gifts

Christmas Gifts theme
Christmas is the festival that makes the entire December month much happening and happier. In-line with this phenomenon, the free Christmas Gifts WordPress theme is what can dress up your blog or site for the Christmas Eve. You can see Christmas Gifts, vouchers, discounts etc. all set around for attaining and maintaining that perfect Christmas feel, all through the month of December.

Beautifying your blog or site with an eye-catchy Christmas WordPress theme is an excellent idea for marking a perfect year-end. By highlighting the warmth and magic of Christmas, you can conveniently impress your customers and keep them engaged in your products and services. I hope after reading my blog, you’ll surely get going with upgrading your WordPress theme to any of the exciting themes, mentioned by me. I wish you all the luck with your new WordPress theme experience!!!
If you wish to share your opinions/feedback on the information provided within this post, please pen down the same in the comments box below.

About the author:

Jason is an innovative and experimental veteran developer, who now devote his time in advising its clients to hire Wordpress Developer. He is also associated with OSSMedia an experienced and iconic custom wordpress theme development , which has delivered a wide array of web development projects in past.

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List Of High Pr Bookmarking Sites 2014

Hi friends here is the list of all time time top 12 social bookmarking sites that helps to improve your search engine rankings

Top 10 High PR Social Bookmarking Sites for All time

Delicious is a social bookmarking site where you can share and store bookmarks. Joshua Schachter is the founder of this site but it is taken over by yahoo in 2005.This site had 5.3 million user by the end of 2008 which was then sold to a company called AVOS Systems. Delicious had gone to significant changes in design after it was purchased in April 27, 2011. The new design in stack page is same as design of other popular photo sharing sites.
Diigo was launched in July 4, 2006. It is a social bookmarking site where you can tag and bookmark some pages. It is different in a way it allows you to highlight some part of web page. You can make a group and share your items with whom you want to share. Its acronym is “Digest of internet information and other stuffs.”
Bibsonomy is a social bookmarking site where you can share your publication. It aims to integrate both which makes it different from other site. It offers you to exchange literature among people and support integration of different communities.
Newsvine was found by Mike Davidson, Calvin Tang, Mark Bud sand and Lance Anderson in 2005. This website launched in public on 1 march, 2006. It is a community which receives content from users and syndicates the content.
Blinklist is a social bookmarking site where you can save link in easy way. It is different from other site because you can save a webpage on your computer. The time taken to access your link from any computer will be .18 seconds. Quickly you can save your favorite article and read whenever you have time.
Folkd is a social bookmarking and news site. Bastian Krieg founded this site in 2006. This website is available in 4 languages. This website has grown bookmarks by more than 8 million people. This site offer Firefox ADD On and IE. This site has bookmark button integrate with other social bookmarking site. This allows you to directly social bookmark.
This is a website for those professions who need immediate information. They allow some text which everyone can view. The result varies according to user preference. It can save your favorite website in central database which you can access from any mobile or computer.
This is a social bookmarking website in beta phase in which you can create a webpage called mob combining your link. This site links its homepage with your web page. Users can share their reaction and shout on mobs and can intimate a interesting page. one of the most exciting and unique feature of you mob is Beacons.
 cloudy tag is a free social do follow bookmarking site. This site has unique word analyzer which can collect all word present in your page and suggest you the appropriate tags. Php spidering technology is used for implementation. is a social bookmarking site where you can store your favorite links at one place which you can access from anywhere. You can share your bookmarks both publically as well as some bookmarks only for your friends. The more tags you will give to your bookmark will drive traffic to your site.
it is one of the most popular free and private social bookmarking site list. In this site the data of user is not shared publicly without in any way.

You can get quality back link from these sites which will help in increasing visibility of your website in turn help SEO for site. A single quality back link is thousand time more relevant as compared to low quality back link.

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Top 5 Cloud Apps for Small Businesses

Cloud Apps for small business

Top 5 Cloud Apps for Small Businesses

Another year of the cloud is coming to an end, leaving us with the impression that what had once been seen as the future of business, has now become a household item. Cloud computing technology has significantly changed the business over the past several years and it remains the top tech trend, especially in SMB settings.

Benefits of introducing cloud solutions in small-to-medium-sized companies may range but one of their most important features is constant availability of different collaboration and communication tools. If your company still hasn’t explored the cloud market, the following apps should be your starting point.

CRM: Chatter is one of the best-known and most widely used pioneers of cloud CRM. They have in many ways contributed to general transformation of traditional companies, providing them with a flexible collaboration tool – Salesforce Chatter. Chatter is a cloud-based collaboration software that to a great extent resembles professional social network. It allows you to set up communities for your employees, partners or customers, where they can freely share or edit files, keep track of document changes, chat and sign up for relevant feeds.

HR: Resumator

This intuitive HR app will enable you to easily find the appropriate people for your jobs or track potential hires. The option to get real-time reports and analytics can facilitate your hiring process and eventually lead you to your perfect employee. The Resumator cloud-based system enables you to keep all your contacts, feedback or applicant messages in a secure space, so you and your employees could always have all the important HR info at your hands.

Accounting: Quickbooks Online

Online accounting is rapidly replacing traditional forms of accounting, so it’s no wonder companies massively shift to Quickbooks Online, which is one of the leading cloud-based accounting tools currently available. Quickbooks Online simplifies your accounting activities and enables you to access your financial data from multiple devices. It functions pretty much like Quickbooks Pro software and enables you to integrate your other Quickbooks apps with it.

Ecommerce: Magento

As more and more businesses expand their online presence, ecommerce flourishes, requiring companies to choose a suitable ecommerce platform. Among the leading providers of this type is Magento, which gathered more than 150 000 merchants all over the world. Magento’s flexibility and easy customization will certainly make your website dynamic in the cloud, whether you choose Enterprise or Community Edition.

Collaboration: Box

Collaboration in the cloud is one of the major recommendations for small to medium sized business. Cloud-based apps make all your business files constantly available to large teams and they have become an asset no modern company should ignore. In the sea of similar services, Box is probably the best option for business collaboration. It enables easy file sharing, document editing and folder syncing, which creates a single desktop, where all your employees can easily communicate and develop projects. Regardless of your company’s size, with Box you’re likely to find a perfectly suitable pricing model that should increase your employees’ productivity and lead to overall efficiency increase.

Author Bio:

Article by Mellissa Mayer a tech writer and a blogger from Sydney, Australia. She is researching the latest news related to cloud hosting and VPS and their 
implementation in business.

tags: cloud applications for small business, applications of cloud computing in business

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seo analyst interview questions and answers for freshers 2014

It is really very difficult to find good talent during interview especially in case of SEO and online marketing. People can give answer properly according to your expectation but the real work is quite different. It not just about building links but you need someone who you can trust while you are away from office. You need to be sure that the candidate can deliver and fit for your company. It’s hard to separate truth from fiction.

Here are top 10 SEO question and answers that can help you to differentiate during interview:

1.What is SEO and how is it different from search engine optimization?

SEO is an act of increasing the visibility of your site in organic results of search refers to the process of optimizing both on page as well as off page in order to achieve high search engine ranking for targeted involves fixing onsite issues, building quality backlinks through off pageoptimization. Once it is done properly targeted keyword get higher ranking which in turn increase sale at the same time popularity of business.
Sometimes SEO can be used as “search engine optimizers” which means doing some optimization project for client site and some employees who perform SEO services there is no large difference between SEO and search engine optimization.

2. Can you tell the factors of on page and off page?

On-Page Factors (Code & Content)
•    Title tags <title>
•    Header tags <h1>
•    ALT image tags
•    Content, Content, Content (Body text) <body>
•    Hyperlink text
•    Keyword frequency & density 
•    Off-Page Factors
•    Link Popularity (“votes” for your site) – adds credibility #2
•    Anchor text and Url
Off -Page Factors (Code & Content)
    . Anchor text for specific page
   . Inbound and outbound link
. Quality of backlink.

3. Do you read blogs? What blog you recently read tell me about that?

Interviewer wants to check whether you are interested to keep up with industry or not ,he asked to tell about the topic means he want to confirm whether you really read blog or you just say yes for the sake of making image. Probe them on article details try to present summary.

4:what is the difference between black hat and white hat SEO techniques?

Black hat refers to use SEO strategies in a wrong way in order to get result in short period. These techniques focus on search engine ranking not a human audience.These do not obey any search engine rule and policies. When SEO is done according to Google webmaster tool and by following search engine policies it is called white hat SEO.This provides long term gain. Black hat adoption can penalize you by dropping the site from Google indexing.

5: what is ethical SEO? Why to adopt ethicalSEO always?

Ethical SEO refers to the usage of all SEO tactics and strategy that focus only on human audience instead of search engine ranking. These techniques take time but once the result will come it will remain for a long time. Weshouldn’t adopt black hat SEO because we can’t stop SEO just for a single day because if you stop, keyword will go off.Again indexing of those keyword will take a longer time.

6: what is page rank or PR?

Page rank is defined by Googleto give numeric value of a website from 1 to 10.This has been provided by Google for each and every page by analysing link.Google calculate page rank by an algorithm which is based on quality backlink that website is receiving from high PR sites.

7:what are Meta tags and what is the importance of Meta tags?

There are basically four Meta tags used for SEO which are Meta title,Meta description,robot tags and Meta keyword.These are actually hidden keyword present in code which search engine can read.These are important because search engine get idea about your web page.Meta title is present in header section which is most important for SEO. These tags appear in SERP of your webpage.

8: what is latest SEO update of google and tell me about it?

To answer this question tries to check on internet about SEO latest news, the day before yesterday news. Matt Cutt is updating latest update by Google. For this you need to check the latest post about Google. As a fresher they want to check your interest in this field. Google is rolling out different algorithm about SEO so you must be up to date about those algorithm. do analyze the website?

For analysing a website first you need to check on page factors. There are lot of tools available where you can check factors such as title tag, Meta tag, Meta description, robot.txt file and keyword density. By viewing the page source you can do so but for off page you want some quality backlink for your site which will bring relevant traffic to your site. Try to submit on high PR site such as stumble upon, News vine etc. Competitor analysis is also important which means you can get idea from where your competitors are getting backlink.

10. Can you tell me a story in 2 minutes?

This question is basically asked to check your spoken English and confidence while speaking. Sometimesclient’s puts up more pressure on company so recruiter wants to check your reaction so you have to be ready for that moment.

Author Bio:

Malvika Saurabh Tripathi is working as seo Analyst. She is passionate by .Net, PHP, WordPress, SEO and Blogging. She loves to write about seo related articles for the websites Follow via Author: Malvika Saurabh Tripathi on Google+

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14 Best Ways to Increase Your Blog traffic for free

more traffic for blog

How To Increase Web Traffic To Your Site

Do you want to increase web traffic? It is basically determined by number of visitors visit your site several pages. It depends on data they are sending to your side and receiving from your site. This is the dream of everyone to get more traffic because it enhances revenue. But there are some other benefits too such as improving visibility of your side at the same time getting higher ranking in search engine. There are many ways to increase traffic without money that means instead of paid back links you can get natural back link. Popularity for your website automatically drives relevant traffic for example if you own a website then your presence in social media can boost your visitors automatically. There are many legitimate ways that can enhance your visitors:

1.) Provide original, solid and quality content: Good content has always been the number one method of driving traffic and retaining relevant visitors. Write your content according to what visitor’s need.try to write in simple words but it should be effective and creative. Spend more time to create useful content. If you are admin for your blog site then at least post thrice in a week. If you are connected with your visitors then your site will get popularity and at the same time they consider your site for providing valuable information.

2.) Create Google plus pages: Latest update of Google shows that for SEO, Google plus can enhance your website. Google uses Geo-locating technology to point user place. Then it provides result of business and organization that best suit your search. So it’s better to create Google places page for business.

3. Blog commenting: Commenting on blogs is another way for generating traffic. While commenting you should be double sure that you are well aware about topic and your aim is to give to get involved in the topic. Don’t do it just for sake of back link.There are many high pr blog commenting sites available in the Google result you can use them for good purpose

4. Social bookmarking: The main purpose of social bookmarking is to index your site in search engine and also helps to cache your site quickly. You get some quality back link if you submit your site on high page rank or in high domain authority sites , but again it’s very important to give valuable and informative content in your submission otherwise you can’t get back link.

5. Directory submission: It is a method of link building which helps you to get higher ranking in search engine. It can boost your link popularity, and you get your site listed in search engine.

6. Facebook: Facebook fan page can give you relevant traffic in a very short time. Facebook traffic is enough for direct traffic and giving add on Facebook is also a good option.

7. Forum participation: forum participation is must which can give you lot of visitors. But don’t post your answer without giving any content.try to make a good reputation in forum site and then give your link.
8. Guest post: some sites are giving option to write for their site. If you can give then try to post some quality blog with back Link.

9. Business listing: it is also an effective way to increase your sale because most people visit these site to get services from company so if your site is listed automatically your sales will be increased.

10. Image submission: Flicker is a wonderful and good enough to make visitors know about your business. Once you submit image try to attach your logo which will promote your brand. With some content you can hyperlink your keyword to get traffic. There are also other popular image sites where you can submit images

11. SMO: Twitter, Facebook, Google plus and LinkedIn plays a major role to drive traffic so try to share your valuable link in your social media. This will increase your presence in the blogger community.

12. Pinterest: it is also a good way to get traffic but you need to update it regularly. Provide unique content with link can increase your traffic. But show interest in your friends profile.

13. Create blog: submit blog by creating account on any blog site. While submitting blog check your content twice it should be informative, unique and giving some valuable information.

14. White hat techniques: Try to follow only white hat technique. Spamming doesn’t work anymore. People want fresh and unique content. Don’t go for black hat technique to gain short term visitors for your side. Make your goodwill by adopting white hat technique because once Google realize your black hat tactics you may suffer from Google penalization.

Final Words for Bloggers:

sometime people want soon result, this cannot be long term gain. Search engine need lot of time to index a new domain because entire content indexing takes time at that time try to provide quality content and quality back link for your site, because once you gain it will be with you forever.

Author Bio:

Malvika Tripathi is working as seo Analyst. She is passionate about .Net, PHP, WordPress, SEO and Blogging. She loves to write about seo related articles for the websites Follow via Author: Malvika Saurabh Tripathi on Google+

How to increase traffic blog & website traffic for free, how to increase blog traffic 2014

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