Case Study : Landing Page Optimization Tips & Best Practices

Case Study : Landing Page Optimization Tips & Best Practices

Landing Page Optimization

Landing Page Optimization For Branding and SEO

Most of the Companies are suffering from poor branding and less conversion rate. This topic will guide them to improve their branding and conversion rate. Whether it is small business or large business, this tactics will definitely works for all kind of business

Create Category Based Landing pages

Most of the blog do mistakes here.  They will create categories like “shoes” instead of more specifically focusing on “Nike sport shoes” or “cheap shoes for sale”.

For Example

Instead of creating the landing page like

We can create more focused landing page like

If people are searching for the shoes, then they are intending to buy it. So focusing the specific genre category will outrank the broad category landing page

Is Home Page a Landing Page?

Yes, when users already have awareness about your website or blog and type your URL directly in address bar. Typically homepage have a broad design, so users don’t know where to find their answer. In this case landing page will be helpful for users to find their answers and convert them to lead

Most of the company’s mistakes in redirecting the ads to the homepage because they think that user can easily find out they were they can get their answer but they can’t find out. This reduces the conversion rate of your product or service. If you are doing this mistake, it’s time to change that mistake to right one.

Why Should I Use the Landing Pages?

Landing pages will narrow the focus and cluttering, so user can easily find their information or answer without any distraction. It also allows readers to find their answer quickly. When user gets the information for what they are searching for, then they automatically convert into customers. If the landing page performs well in satisfying the customers need then it will automatically improves your search engine ranking

How landing page improves Search Engine Ranking

Major search engines like Google, Bing etc. are giving more importance to relevancy. They prefer the sites that are clearing answering for the user queries. In that case, your landing page was optimized well and provides information for user’s question?  Then you have chance to outrank the competitors site in search in engine results.

A good and well optimized landing page will increase your conversion rate. It means that your visitors are converted to customers.

When should I use the landing pages?

Landing page is the key to improve your conversion rate. If you planned and used it perfectly, You can find the growth in business.

Pay Per click ads (PPC) - In PPC targeting the keyword for the relevant landing page will improve the conversion and also easy way to find out the performance of your landing page.

Product Launch – the landing page will work well for the product launch or upcoming products or coming soon teaser of your products

Offers - landing pages will direct the users to the offers they are looking for

How does Landing pages related to online marketing?

Landing pages can be used in any part of marketing strategies because it is simple to approach, good in content and design. Following are some of the methods were we can use landing pages for conversion.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Landing page plays an important role in search engine optimization. It will help to improve your ranking in search engines and increase the traffic.

Pay Per Click (PPC)

Pay Per Click is improving strategies which is pushed to the front line by Google. Adding landing page to PPC will redirect the user to destination where they will convert into customers

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

If users are satisfied with the product or service they will automatically click the call-to-action button. For that purpose we need landing page to grab their attention and provide what they want from us in landing page.

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Social media is the platform where business owners can find their target audience and build their business. Creating a social media campaign with well-organized landing page and eye catchy title will generate the lead to your business

Choose Keywords Perfectly

Keywords are the back bone for the internet marketing. It will take some time to find your right keywords so keep on research until you find the perfect keywords that suits your landing page. The short term keywords will often have high competition, so focusing on long tail keywords with medium competition will improve the search engine ranking and conversion rate.

How Much Content should I include in landing page

There is no exact answer for this question. But there some research about landing page tells that a page with short and easy to understand will increase the conversion rate. But it doesn’t apply for all kind of business. You have to research and find out your working formula for lead generation

Add Search Queries in your Landing Page Headlines

This is the most important step where most of the marketers failed to do. Matching headlines with search queries will improve both search engine optimization and conversion rate


Landing Pages are the best method to improve the site conversion. it will maximize the return of investment for all businesses. Some of the unwritten rules for Landing Page optimization is "less information with more conversation". so planning on the landing page optimization will lead your business to the successful path

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20 Facebook marketing tips for small business

When it comes to Social media Marketing (SMM), Facebook plays the biggest role in achieving the business goals, increasing likes, shares and lead them to sales. Ask Yourself “Who This Guide Is For?” and “how does it related to your Business Goals?” if you can’t answer this question then you must be one of the business owners who waste time and money in marketing without any goals.

If you have a clear idea about “how this post suits your business goal?” then you can proceed the following post to get knowledge about how to improve your business leads through facebook marketing

Facebook Marketing Tips

20 Facebook marketing tips for small business

1.    Integrate The Facebook into your marketing strategy

Facebook plays an important role in marketing strategy. So integrate the Facebook profile with business will improve your lead. It also helps to move forward to reach your goals.

2.    Create Business Profile

Creating a business profile or fan page is a one step to reach your customers. You have to keep your profile as Professional and business oriented because a good Facebook page will give good thought about your good products or services

3.    Have a Clear Vision

You must have a clear vision about your product because most for marketing strategists will do biggest mistakes in this area. In Facebook Marketing your goal should be focus on increase leads, not in increasing likes and shares

4.    Build an audience

Once you create a business profile, invite the Facebook members who are related to your topic or interested in your area. You can also build an audience by adding Facebook fan page widget or like widget to your blog or website and also by sending email to your best customers.

5.    Join Your Existing Friends

If your business profile is doesn’t perform well. Then add your existing friends and contact in your business profile. They will help you to reach out with millions of users and your Facebook will perform well

6.    Improve your Personality

It means we are asking you to be more consistent. The more consistent you are, more easier to get new customers

7.    Update your Profile Daily

Post at least a small content on daily basis because posting regularly will make your business profile up-to-date and it will show the potent of your business. Facebook is the best place to harvest your customers. So don’t waste your opportunities.

8.    Have a goal for every post

Your goal should be generating traffic to your landing page from Facebook profile and convert them to lead. For this you to set a goal for every post that you are going to post in the Facebook profile.

Status Update = Comments
Link = Click Through
Photos and Videos = Likes and shares

9.    Have Call-To-Action button

Once you started to contribute on Facebook and communicate with the readers. You have to give them an option to take some action on your profile. For that you need keep Call-To-Action button on your profile. This button will convert fans into customers

10.    Go beyond your status.

Dashing with creative contents will be a good start for your Facebook profile. But you should also focus on adding creative images and videos on Facebook profile. These types of contents will easily grab the user’s attention.

11.    Respond to customer Queries

Facebook is the wonder tool to reach your customers. It allows you to ask questions and reply for customer queries publicly. If you respond to the customer’s query. It will show your brand’s professionalism and contribution to the user

12.    Join Facebook Groups

There are hundreds of Facebook groups available in different categories. Choose the groups that suit your brand and join them. The Groups will help you find new contacts which are interested in your area or industry

13.    Post your Events

Promote your company events in the Facebook fan page. It helps you to earn some potential customers for your brand.

14.    Respect Their Privacy

You be careful in handling customers profile because sharing their contact address, phone number in the internet without their knowledge will cause bad reputation for your brand.

15.    Write a Relevant content

Make sure that you are writing relevant content to your users because a good relevant content will increase likes and shares for your page. Be careful, an unrelated contents will shows your profile as scam to the customers

16.    Talk to Customers

Talk with your Facebook fans and get their feedback about your product. You should take notes on the customer’s feedback and try to satisfy them by modify your product features according to the feedback

Note – This is applicable only after getting feedbacks from many customers

17.    Use Facebook Insights

Use Facebook’s insight tool to analyze and measure your performance of your Facebook profile. Clicking the Insights tab in your Facebook profile will lead to overview of your page performance. Now you can easily filter the likes, share and audience engagement of your face profile

18.    Use the Insights Data Wisely

Make sure that you are tracking the right analytics and numbers in insights because tracking numbers that are unrelated to your business or marketing goals is waste of time


19.    Find your profit center

There are lots of ways to generate lead to your business via Facebook media. You can link the Facebook profile to your website or sell your product directly on Facebook fan page or gathering a contact from Facebook profile and creating a strategy for selling products are some the strategies 

20.    Never Stop Experimenting

Marketing is all about implementing the new ideas and by experimenting it.
It is important because it will the results of your goals, performance and audience engagement. So don’t be afraid to test something new for your marketing.


Facebook helps business in many ways. I have listed some of them in this post. if you have different ideas or opinions in Facebook marketing please feel to share with me in the comment section. I always appreciate user with new ideas.

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How to remove the bad Reputation

Brand Reputation

How to remove the bad Reputation

When your brand grows, both criticism and reputation will grow with it. So it is not an easy task to control your brand reputation. Here I am going to discuss about how to remove your company’s bad reputation.

What is online reputation management?

Online Reputation management is the practice of making business or people to best on internet. To accomplish this strategy we have to control their online search results. The frequently updated inaccurate information, misleading or outdated information will affect the business lead.

Why do companies need online reputation management?

Most of the users buy or purchase the products after reading the reviews in online. So we have to keep reviews positive. In order to maintain the good reputation company needs online reputation management

Methods that won’t Work:

a)    Google Generate Reviews:

If the reviews are generated from Google, for example links from local business center, Google plus reviews etc. Then it is easy to remove the negative reviews.

Unfortunately, Most of the reviews are generated from third party sites. So it is not possible remove those negative reviews from Google search results

b)    Contacting Site webmaster:

Rather Approaching the Google to remove the negative review. Better we can contact the website owners, webmasters etc. asking them to remove the content.
Unfortunately, Most of the webmasters won’t respond to mail or even if they remove the reviews still it will be crawled or indexed in Google. Un-indexing these URLs will take months or sometimes it will take years.

c)    Google Public URL removal tool:

Google provides url removal tool to remove our private content or information that have to be remove immediately from the Google.
Unfortunately this tool also won’t work because we can use this tool to remove outdated urls , flag offending urls from Google search.

Method That Works:

Write Positive Reviews:

Push Negative reviews with Positive Review (Be careful, a self-review will be flagged as self-promotion which can cause site penalization)

Create Profiles:

Create the powerful profiles in different sites. The profile name should match the exact phrase/keyword (ranking for the negative reviews in Google search). It will help to push your negative search results from page 1 to 3 or 4th page.

Find Search Queries:
Find out the search queries that are ranking for negative reviews in top 2 pages. Create a content on that search queries to outrank the negative SEO and optimize your contents to rank in the 1st page of the Google search results


Apologize for your company messes up. Tell customers, why your projects are taking long time to complete. Give the solutions for bugs in your projects. Tell them when you will fix these problems. These kinds of activities will bad reputation on your product or company.

Monitor your Social Profiles:

Monitor what they are saying about your products or about your company in social media and respond to them immediately. An immediate respond will attract the attention of many users.

Remove Inaccurate and Duplicate Contents:

You have to remove duplicate, outdated or inaccurate listings from the business listing sites and make them updated with unique contents

Listen to Customers Feedback:

A good Branding is all about creating good reputation about your products or service. If your customers have feedback about your product or service, listen to them. Branding is an image of your service. If you are unwilling to the customer’s criticism and didn’t try to remove the issues on the customers having problem with, then it will definitely damage your brand.

Protect your brand:

People will always speak about the successful brands and try to make use it for their own purpose. This will cause damage to your branding. Protect your brand adding privacy policy, Copyright infringement and maintain your brand’s good reputation in online

Be Volunteer:

Don’t hesitate to encourage other company’s program or your partner charities to link back to your company website. This can drive some more traffic to your website and also shows your brand present to the people

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5 ways to improve your brand awareness

Branding awareness

5 ways to improve your brand awareness

What is Branding?

A brand is a vision or idea of your product or service which connect with the customers. The branding can be identified by company logo, name, website design etc. Branding will also help to build a good reputation. It builds an expectation to about your products and company.

Why Do We Need Branding Strategy?

A brand strategy will take your company to the new path. It will elevate the importance and relevance about your business, products and will build a stronger relationship with customers and make your business more attractive to prospects.

Branding Tips and Tricks

1) Design a Website:

Website is a gateway to meet your online customers. It will help to gather the feedback's about your product

Design Tips:
  • Create a unique logo that explains your products because it will identify your brand to customers.
  • Create a perfect a landing page for the products
  • Write an optimized content
  • Choose colours and fonts that suits your website
  • Provide apps and widgets to improve the user experience

2) Create a Company Blog:

Most of the company owners don’t know the importance of blogging. Blogging is extremely beneficial which gain many advantages to company

Company Blogging uses:

  • Creating a blog will help to increase the site traffic
  • It converts traffic to leads
  • A blog post can drive a long-term result
  • It will establish your authority
  • it will improve the brand awareness
  • it will increase subscription lists

3) Participate in Social Media:

Creating Social media campaign or doing Social Media Optimization will in bigger sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google plus will help promote your brand:

Social Media Tips:

  1. Twitter: Creating a custom formatted tweets and refreshing a fan symbol or emoji will catch the reader’s attention
  2. Google plus: G+ always welcomes the longer posts. A post starts with longer content will be encourage by Google plus
  3. Facebook: Main advantage of creating Facebook groups or fan pages is that your followers can directly receive the notification about your updates. Adding a Call-To-Action in Facebook posts will drive traffic and leads
  4. LinkedIn – it is well known for business marketing. Engaging with related user or companies those who are interested in your niche will help to build the relationship, increase branding value and generate leads

4) Press Releases or New Articles

Benefits of Writing Press releases or news articles

  • It will build trust and converts the readers to customers
  • Adding new press releases on regular basis will encourage the visitors to return to your website. Major search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc. loves the site that regularly updates it contents
  • Writing a press will increase your sites page rank
  • It will help to build a relationship with your visitors
  • Adding your credible sources like social media profiles,  Company logo, company contact address and photos of CEO or MD will improve your presence
5) Improve Your Brand Reputation:

Branding reputation is the practice of making a company to look best on Internet

Reputation Uses:

  • A good Reputation will generate a lead
  • It provides a customer satisfaction
  • It will increase your brand’s popularity


 Branding needs a company website, blog, social media, brand reputation press releases etc., to improve its awareness
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Top 10 Wordpress plugins to acquire an ultimate marketing strategy

Top 10 Wordpress plugins can aid you to acquire an ultimate marketing strategy

Wordpress developers usually rely on the directory of their plugin. Usually, conventional programming starts from the scratch and this is the reason because of which each function needs a long as well as lines of code. This gives a slow rise of Wordpress as a Content Management System. Just assume, in case, you want to implement a very straightforward picture, so you need to start-up with 300 lines of code and if you need to upload 20 pictures, then you need to spend a few couple of hours.

Customize Wordpress for marketing:

The best choice will be, if you will go with choosing the 300 gallery plugins for Wordpress website. In order to get started just install, customize and upload. This will also the best way to explore your business by acquiring the best marketing platform:

 Royal Slider:

Royal Slider plugin

There might be dozens of slider plugins that are highly compatible with the Wordpress platform, but there are a very few which are as worth-full as Royal Slider. This plugin is highly customizable as well as touch-friendly. This is also clean-coded which will allow the user to implement the various slideshows. Thus, this will bequeath the best marketing platform.

Google Analyticator:

Google Analyticator wordpress plugin

Using this plugin, your website can easily acquire the required Javascript which is highly imperative for Google Analytics logging. This plugin will contain all those widgets that will allow you to reflect all the Analytics data within the admin.

Simple Ads:

Simple Ads wordpress plugin

If you are looking for an option that can offer advertising basics then this is the best option. This app will essentially allow you to insert all the ads at the top and bottom of your content. Your entire website will not bestow any option for removing them.

Live Chat:

Live Chat wordpress plugin

LiveChat is a very beautiful as well as responsive plugin that works very well for Wordpress website. You can implement this app on any king of Wordpress website in order to provide customer and sale support as there will be a plethora of customization options.

Pretty Link:

Pretty Link wordpress plugin

This is widely used for custom wordpress development and allows you to display the links in your desired look. Using this, you can easily develop a unique look and can use it for your own domain name. The plugin is designed such a way that you can also track the number of hits at each link.

Ad Widget:

Ad Widget wordpress plugin

This is a plugin which will allow the user to deploy various widgets with a variety of rules for displaying the ads.

php Bay Lite:

php Bay Lite wordpress plugin

If you have every used Ebay for your business promotion, then this is the plugin which will aid you to widen each aspect of targeted Ebay traffic.


Usquare wordpress plugin

This reflects a grid layout which can also be employed to display the content in a very fresh and exciting way. The best thing about this plugin is that it has an outstanding minimalistic chessboard layout.

MailChimp Integration:

MailChimp Integration wordpress plugin

Just integrate your MailChimp with Multisite or any other existing website, the app will automatically add the users to the email list and sync all the existing users.


Exec-PHP wordpress plugin

This plugin use shortcodes and executes all the reusable PHP code which is available on your page. The user can also organize, test as well as reuse all the PHP code along with the code of widgets and posts.
You can either download these plugins for marketing in order to expose your offered services or you can also hire wordpress developers for customizing the website using these plugins.

Author bio:

Mike is a blogger by mood and web designer by profession. He gives ideas to how to convert PSD to wordpress template and loves to share his thoughts on social media. You can log in to his web (Markupcloud Ltd ) for various other PSD to Magento site conversion services

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How to increase traffic through internal link building

Internal Link building

How to increase traffic through internal link building

What is internal linking?

Internal linking is a process of linking one page with other page in your website. The page will go to the same domain. The main purpose of internal link is for navigation but it also helps to get relevant traffic to your site. So let’s say we have a page in our website which is attracting more visitors so we can use internal linking. We can link our site most valuable and profitable pages from other pages so users can spend more time in our site. Most of us click link pages of website everyday by internal linking.

Why internal linking is important?

Internal linking allows you to surf your website in a friendly way so they can understand what you are trying to convey your user. When internal links are properly arranged your website visitors follow the path that you want to show. Optimization of website by internal linking helps a search engine to know about your important pages. All websites have one or two key pages but site owner do not realize the importance of optimizing that pages so that everyone can see their valuable pages. Search engines are very smart and can easily realize which page you are giving more importance.

Here are few points which shows why internal linking is important
1. Anchor text is more users friendly.
2. Pass link juice easily
3. Higher ranking in Google by fast crawling
4. It will increase the time your users spend in your site which in turn decreases your bounce rate.
5. High PageRank as you get quality backlink from that page.

Ways of internal linking

One of the most important ways is to use same keyword as anchor text and use internal linking throughout your webpages pointing that critical keyword. This will give you higher ranking in search engine optimization. I suggest try to get most important pages of your site which are giving more profit. You can promote these pages by giving internal link of your site from other webpages. For example your site has four important pages, but if the content written on first page is giving more profit then you can use rest three pages for taking backlink to that page. Search engine should know about relevant pages of your site which will increase site popularity. Search engine gives more importance to body of the article than internal navigation. So try to place your link that appears in body of article. Your SEO strategy part should always include external as well as internal linking so you can get your other pages contributing value towards important pages. Try to include keyword rich text to your main navigation because if your most important sale will come in top of your page it will increase the chances of increasing sales. Additional navigation for your valuable pages will give you link juice. One way is to give your important pages in sidebar for example YouTube has highest page views the reason is side bar.

Google give importance to authority that means the number and quality of backlink and accordingly it will show result. So if your link contains the keyword then Google assumes the content of that page is related to keyword. Try to include keyword in your URL of webpages. Creating text link is also a good way to incorporate internal links to your website. Try to list your most important pages in footer of your site. One of the most crucial ways of getting backlink is through blog article. You can go for guest post from that sites you can get a backlink to your site.

Author Bio:

Malvika Saurabh Tripathi is working as seo Analyst. She is passionate by .Net, PHP, WordPress, SEO and Blogging. She loves to write about seo related articles for the websites Follow via Author: Malvika Saurabh Tripathi on Google+

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how to find affordable seo services and seo company

SEO services

What is SEO and Why Companies Need it?

Search engine optimization is a process of increasing visibility of your site in organic search result. Do you know 75% of people never go on next page? That means if your website doesn’t appear in first page you missed that traffic. According to a current survey in internet marketing, companies which are gained rise in sales in 2013 are giving more importance to SEO for their business. SEO has become web marketing strategy which is gaining more attention.

Why to hire SEO firm?

Effective search engine optimization consumes more time. Hiring SEO firm can give you dedicated staff. These possess the enough experience to establish effective SEO. The demand of SEO services have been increasing in recent years. Optimizing your site expand your business in a way, it will increase your ranking in search result that can increase your traffic. If you get more traffic then chances of getting more sales will increase. It enhances your revenue by increasing your sale. Hiring a reputed firm in SEO allow you to focus on main function. You will entrust your site SEO part to armed professionals who have right knowledge, enough resource and latest tool that your company might not have. Experts understand canonicalization, bounce rate and many other important aspects of SEO. They know the way how search engine algorithms are indexing web pages for search result .It will help you in achieving most of your business. SEO is the effective way for generation of more sales and promoting your business.

How to hire SEO Company?

Do some research in market before striking for a final deal with a SEO company. Industry presence and good reputation plays a major role to check about SEO firm. You can even start with forum site and you can contact with site owner about strategies.  Make a list of firms providing SEO services then check the budget and their techniques. You can contact to those firms which are not charging more or which are within your budget. Cross out immediately to those firms have used black hat techniques and blacklisted. SEO firms are providing feedback and backlink report so try to choose those which provide regular report.

Reference can give you firm’s credibility. The relationship with your SEO firm is most important because you need to deal with regular basis. Some companies adopt black hat technique in order to show their clients fast result but this activity is a type of spamming which can increase your ranking in search engine for a short period. A thorough and good SEO service provides never adopt such activity because they maintain reputation and good will. They will employ only legal ways to increase visibility of your site in search engine.

A professional SEO service will give you quality backlink from high page rank site which automatically increase your web traffic. So ask the SEO firm how they are delivering results. They are doing SEO by marketing a website with keyword research and analysis, submission of press release, article and blogs and many more. These strategies not only attract buyers for your goods and services but it helps your website to market all around the world. They monitor your competitors and accordingly do their work. A good SEO service will try to increase productivity in minimum possible time.

You can check this for cheap and best seo services

For hiring SEO firm you need to consult with many companies but keep it as secret. Don’t enclose all details of one company in front of other company. Ask SEO firm, how they can help you figure out what you want in your business. Most of the companies present their strategy in the form of presentation in order to gain your confidence .but do the same with four to five firms then only you can decide which firms suits you best. You need to decide first what you are expecting for your business and accordingly choose the best firm. Your goal should be in your mind such as whether you want to increase your sale by 60% over the next 6 month or you want to increase popularity for your site.

Try to get other client result if the firm is ready to provide it shows their confidence. You can predict result by seeing their performance for their other clients. They do have creative people. Ask them to tell an incident in which they get appreciation and ask them how they did that. Try to get their failures, success, experience and their background. Ask them how they were founded and what their best experience yet.


Malvika Saurabh Tripathi is working as seo Analyst. She is passionate by .Net, PHP, WordPress, SEO and Blogging. She loves to write about seo related articles for the websites Follow via Author: Malvika Saurabh Tripathi on Google+

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